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 Welcome and Introduction

Session One Engaging with the Archives

The John Blanke Project  Michael Ohajuru

The plays and shows of Nigerian actor Orlando Martins 1895-1899: illuminating the world he lived in Ros Martin

Healing Through Archives Heather Agyepong & Abira Hussein

Session Two Women in Black British History

Work in Progress Valda Jackson

Remembering Sarah Parker Redmond: abolitionist and anti-racist campaigner Nicola Raimes

Session Three Local Black British Histories

Black history as strategy for positive identity and youth empowerment in the black community in Bristol  Nayah Yetunde & Hannah John

African American GIs in Devon and Dorset  Louisa Adjoa Parker & Crystal Carter

Hidden Presence: Comparative study of visualising the presence of Black people living in Georgian era Britain- an analysis of two participatory creative history projects.  Shawn Sobers

What’s Happening in Black British History? IV – Final Thoughts and Conclusions

Videos from WHBBH4 in Bristol April 2016  also available  are available on the SAS website, YouTube  and  iTunes  

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