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Welcome to Black British History at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies. Our aim is to foster a creative dialogue between researchers, educationalists (mainstream and supplementary), archivists and curators, and policy makers.

We seek to identify and promote innovative new research into the history of people of African origin or descent in the UK through its Black British History Experts Database of  researchers and archivists, both academic and independent, providing an introduction to the ever-growing body of Black  British History resources and information available.

Consideration will be given to the latest developments in the dissemination of Black British history in a wide variety of settings including the media, the classroom and lecture hall, and museums and galleries, with Black British History at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies providing opportunities through this website and its workshops to share good practice.

A range of issues around Black British history are to be considered including the way in which scholars have defined the field, debates around how and why it should be taught, especially in the light of the new national curriculum, and the tensions between celebrating the achievements of people of African descent in the UK and applying a critical perspective to the past.

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