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WHBB6 Call For Papers

WHBBH6 Agenda

WHBBH6 Agenda with Abstracts


Session One: Beyond the Margins: Diverse Black Histories in Britain

Chair: Alan Rice (IBAR)

 Alan Rice (IBAR)
Vagrant Presences and Reparative Histories: Lost Children, The Black Atlantic and Northern Britain

Corinne Fowler (University of Leicester),

How Writers Can Raise Public Awareness of the Black Histories of Britain’s Countryside and Why It Matters

Theresa Saxon (IBAR

Ira Aldridge in Britain

 Raphael Hoermann (IBAR)

The Haitian Revolution and the Haitian Gothic with White and Black British Radicals

Session Two: Fathers’ Migration Stories

Chair: Miranda Kaufmann

Hannah Lowe (Kingston University)

Ormonde: Post-War Caribbean Migration through Poetry

SuAndi and Jackie Ould (AfroSolo UK)

My Father Always Wore a Dunhill Hat

 Three: Black British Experiences of War

Chair: Sean Creighton

 John Siblon (Birkbeck College)

First World War Memorial of African, Asian and Caribbean Colonial Servicemen in Britain

Melissa Bennett (University of Warwick),

Deciphering Photographs of Black Military Bodies Prior to World War One

Lauren Darwin (African Stories in Hull and East Yorkshire),

Exploring the Dichotomy Between the Experience of Black Sailors Before, During and After World War One in Hull

 Keynote address:

Professor Gretchen Gerzina (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

Why Black History Matters: An American Perspective