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Delighted that Heather Agyepong has agreed to allow the use of her stunning , identity challenging  images based on Queen Victoria’s God-Daughter  Sarah Forbes Bonita, which Heather spoke about at WHBBH4.

Quoting her paper submission:

[My] presentation will consist of my own personal experiences as a young black woman, dealing with the macro and micro traumas of racism encountered while travelling around European countries. The work was inspired by a 19th century Carte-de- visite which was part of The Missing Chapter: Black Chronicles II archive. I will look at case studies and overlooked statistics involving black women and mental health and any correlation between the two. The project Too Many Blackamoors aims to challenge the ‘strong, independent, black female’ narrative that can burden and often entrap black women. The work aims to encourage debate towards a nuanced presentation of Black women and problematize the way woman of colour have been represented even within so-called positive or empowering portrayals.

The images were  commissioned by autograph Abp supported by Heritage Lottery Fund and where exhibited at the THE MISSING CHAPTER COLLECTIVE ARCHIVE exhibition January 2016.

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