Black British History |

Hannah-Rose Murray


Affiliation: University of Nottingham

Location: Nottingham, East Midlands


Research Description: I’m currently writing about the impact of formerly enslaved African Americans on British society in the mid c19th, how in turn British society responded to these individuals and how they fought racial stereotypes. Individuals include Frederick Douglass, Henry ‘Box’ Brown, William and Ellen Craft, James Watkins and William Wells Brown, among others. I will bring my project to the present day by assessing how American slavery has been remembered and how this has led to nostalgia on American plantations and an active protest memory that can be seen through the Black Lives Matter movement.

Research Keywords: Slavery and abolition; African Americans in Britain; the Black British community in the c19th; celebrity culture; performance; slavery iconography; memory; protest.

Countries and Regions of Interest: Britain (formerly enslaved African Americans visited all regions of Britain, even the Isle of Wight!); Northern and Southern states of the USA.



Twitter: @Hannah_RoseM