Black British History |

Dr Corinne Fowler


Affiliation: Senior Lecturer in Twentieth Century Postcolonial Literature, University of Leicester

Location: Leicester, East Midlands


Research Description: Rural racism, writing by black and Asian Britons, regional sensibility, regional literary cultures, literary economy, community publishing, British country houses’ slavery connections.

Research Keywords: Writing by black and Asian Britons.

Countries and Regions of Interest: UK, Midlands, rural Britain, North-West Britain.



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  • Postcolonial Manchester: devolved literary cultures (Manchester University Press, 2013), with Lynne Pearce
  • Chasing Tales.  Travel writing, journalism and the history of British ideas about Afghanistan (Rodopi, 2007)
  • Migration Stories ed. by Corinne Fowler, Muli Amaye and Martin de Mello (Crocus Books, 2009)

Special Journal Issues:

  • Region/Writing/Home: Relocating British Diasporas, Moving Worlds volume 9:2, 2009, ed. with Graham Mort
  • Journeys: ‘Travel and Ethics’ (4:1), 2003

Journal Articles:

  • ‘Carers Cruising Cumbria and Meals on the Mile: Migrants in Fieldwork and Fiction’, Mobilities (7: 2) 2012, with Sondra Cuban
  • ‘A Tale of Two Novels: devolving black British writing’, Journal of Commonwealth Literature (43:3) 2008, pp. 75-94
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  • ‘Khaled Hosseini: The Kite Runner (2004)’ in the Literary Encyclopaedia

Book Chapters:

  • ‘The Poetics and Politics of Spoken Word Poetry’ in The Cambridge Companion to Black British Writing, ed. Deirdre Osborne, 2015.
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Creative Writing:

  • ‘North, South: Britain’s alternative literary landscapes’, The London Magazine, March/April 2010
  • ‘The Flood’, Arabesques Review, 2007, pp. 29-35
  • ‘Clackmannan Tower’ in Days Like This, Edinburgh: Luath Press, 2009, pp. 143-146
  • ‘The Black Devon’, New Writing Scotland, volume 27, 2009
  • Migration Stories, ed. by Muli Amaye, Martin De Mello and Corinne Fowler (Crocus Books, 2009)


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