Black British History |

Shaun Wallace


Affiliation: Thought Pyramid Arts Centre, Abuja, Nigeria; Narrativiti Community Interest Company, London, England.

Location: Abuja, Nigeria and London, England.


Research Description:

An experienced Cultural Manager and Educator, with in-depth knowledge of Contemporary African and African Diaspora Visual Arts and with extensive contacts in that field. An excellent communicator, skilled at facilitating the exchange of ideas.

Currently works as Adjunct Head of Education at The Thought Pyramid Arts Centre, Abuja. Nigeria. Shaun set up Narrativiti Community Interest Company {CIC} in 2005, in the UK. It is an educational outreach service advocating, memorialising, and educating diverse communities about African Diaspora cultural expression. The over-arching aim of Narrativiti CIC is to:

  1. Advance public education by promoting the work of Diaspora artists, in the Narrativiti multi-arts showcase –‘Orature’.
  2. Promote well-being in Diaspora communities, through the provision of services and products that integrate art, health and technology.

Provide a range of commercial activities, products and services that will support the creative arts and sustain us as a creative industryn

Research Keywords: African Diaspora Art and Culture; Art Education; Curating; Contemporary African art consulting.

Countries and Regions of Interest: The World.