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Norma Gregory



Affiliation: Nottingham Trent University and Nottingham University

Location: Nottingham


Research Decription:

Norma Gregory (BA, MA, PGCE) was born in Nottingham in 1969, the daughter of Jamaican migrants who came to Nottingham in the early 1960s. Educated in London and Nottingham (St Mary’s University, Twickenham; The Institute of Education; University of London and the University of Nottingham) Norma Gregory has worked as a teacher, editor/ writer and researcher.  She uses her love of African history and Literature (in the British context) to produce community educational projects. She is currently project coordinator of the Nottingham Carnival Archive in association with Tuntum Housing Association, Nottingham.

Through her community interest company, Nottingham News Centre, Norma Gregory has sponsored many events and projects including the first Blue Heritage Plaque to a person of African descent in Nottingham, dedicated to the entrepreneur George Africanus (c1763-1834) in October 2014.

Norma Gregory has written and published articles and academic papers concerning her topics of interest: Black British literary history, African Caribbean British history, Black British writers and personalities, black history in Nottingham and the Midlands, literacy and education, Black feminist theology/literature as well as producing community news from the black communities in Nottingham. She is commitment to community development and an advocate for equality and inclusion through education and publishing.

Research Keywords: Black History, Black British History, African/Caribbean History in the UK, Nottingham, Literature, Publishing, Biography.

Countries and Regions of Interest: UK, Africa, Caribbean, USA.


Jamaicans in Nottingham, Narratives and Reflections (London: Hansib Publications, 2015).


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